About the Kind Dispatch

Technology is nice. It undergirds most of what we do at scale today. It’s a powerful tool for change, but much like money, it turns toxic when sought for its own sake.

I want to see technology do good. I think it can help people help each other. It can celebrate human qualities. It can empower artists over technocrats and foster individual craft over power structures.

Sometimes I get to do my part in the change, and sometimes I get to cheer from the sidelines as it happens. Hopefully, these letters will be a mix of both.

So what’s in a Dispatch?

Feel free to browse the previous editions right here.

The following questions guide me a bit when writing the Kind Dispatch. I hope it helps paint a picture of what you might find in there:

  • What does humane, respectful technology look like?

  • What great mix of tech and art has there been lately?

  • How can we get closer to a situation where everyone can build using technology?

  • What’s currently bubbling in the Big Tech world that would affect all of us? Let’s have this one in moderation, though.

If that sounds interesting, feel free to join in!

And excuse me but who are you?

Right! Hello!

I’m Louis-André, I work as an independent digital designer (who doesn’t!) and I hobby as a generative artist. I’ve been in this biz for a bit over ten years now, first working mostly with biotechs, startups and large organizations. I’ve since moved away from the frenetic parts of the industry – and have been much happier since.

So it’s “the Kind Dispatch”, not just “Kind Dispatch”?

There are lots of dispatches, so I think it makes sense for it to be “the Kind Dispatch”? You can change my mind though.