Hi! I’m now publishing with a different service, that allows me to write to readers without subjecting them to email tracking. Because of this, the arc…
Boroughs, 2020 If you have a dog beside you as you read this, bend down, look into her eyes, and stroke her. Via the hypothalamus inside your body, oxy…
See, some of the softest of wares
Trying to teach tasteful touch to computers
I dream of something better than multiplayer Photoshop
I'm in your inbox, telling you about inboxes
In which my designer woes are not particularly designer woes, after all
As I journey on the Warm Wax Web
"I have your privacy at heart", I say, as I write down all I can find about you, and scribble "SECRET" on top of it.
*With* you, or *for* you?
Back in 2019, I stubled upon this thread by Jane Ruffino on Twitter. It hit me immediately, and has remained in my mind since: Most of my career has be…
New school, new rules