Bits of kind software

See, some of the softest of wares

Hi friends!

I’ve been swamped by work recently, and have slowed down the dispatch to help me balance out my schedule.

A Seasonal Hours clock

This esoteric-looking clock represents all 24 hours of the day as a word, and maps those words to the same time across all time zones. This way, “soup o’clock on friday” can mean the same thing to everyone in a distributed team. This suggested standardization feels surprisingly warm and humane.


If it hasn’t appeared on your radar yet, MakeSpace is a fantastic take on what a truly digital meeting space can feel like. For lack of a better explanation, it makes the meeting “space” felt, and purposeful.

In my opinion, the best part is that it’s a group of interested people creating it – not yet an organization, maybe a not-for-profit, we’ll see later.

♥️ Loved lately

Sacred servers by Zach Mandeville, for the first edition of Compost. What if we reframed our relationship to data servers as a spiritual one?

How to be lucky, a guide/essay by Christian Busch, on how to be a serendipitious person. Not too hand-wavey, not too rigid, it’s full of fun insights. And I’ll take all the positive mindset advice I can get these days.

Also, Aeon is a fantastic publication, and Psyche, from the above article, is a sister outlet of them.